Reviews on Mira Wang


Mira Wang was an astonishing soloist in the Gerhard concerto, moving with complete easy, grace and sunny tone. The piece just flowed from her. And the orchestra perked up.
The New York Times
October 15, 2001
(About Ms. Wang's New York debut
at the Avery Fisher Hall in
October 10th, 2001.)
She is a first class virtuoso intrumentalist, with a glowing, personal sound and clear, decisive ideas about how the music ought to go.
Boston Globe
...fiery, involving, but aristocratic as well. Technically, she was supreme, tonally she had finesse, but there was a wealth of feeling, not worn on the sleeve, but subtle and personal.
The Dominion (New Zealand)
...a mature artist possessing prdigious technique and an exceptionally good tone.
Morgunbladid (Iceland)
...She displayed a magnetic personality, full of warmth, individuality and fertile imagination, aided by sweet and true intonation in every register, and a magnificent sound intelligently shaded by a wide palette of intoxicating colours. And the remarkable thing is that while she projected exuberant confidence, her playing somehow remained refreshingly unforced, refined and natural, oozing with intimate sensuality and passionate lyricism.
The Straits Time (Singapore)
The concert opened without an overture but a rare performance of Beethoven's "Triple" Concerto for Violin, Cello and Piano, Op. 56.

. . .

Some claim it is lacking in inspiration or depth. Those detractors would do well to attend tonigh's repeat performance and see otherwise.

Violinist Mira Wang, cellist Jan Vogler and pianist Matthias Kirschnereit joined Seibel and the LPO for a solid and entertaining reading of this attractive concerto. Though relatively light, they proved it is hardly a weak piece of music.

Vogler took the lead, especially in the meditative central theme, with his splendid intonation through each of the main ideas. As Wang and Kirschnereit followed, each brought a pleasing sense of urgency and clarity, articulate yet warm, to the full concerto.

. . .

The energetic polonaise of the finale just danced.

The Times-Picayune
Febraury 29, 2000